The Area

The Garden Route of South Africa

The Garden Route with its pristine beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and kloofs is an absolutely spectacular holiday destination, a place to restore your soul and revitalise your body and mind.

This is one of the most magnificent, awe-inspiring stretches of land in South Africa, if not the world, with majestic mountains, breathtaking views, a natural garden of rich, colourful vistas, with valleys and lakes, rivers and forests, a paradise for bird-lovers and nature lovers, an eco-destination like few others in the world, with miles upon miles of beautiful, white sandy beaches and a zillion things to do and explore.

It is one of South Africa’s richest botanical treasures, where you can lose yourself in nature amid the grandeur of giant Yellowwood or Milkwood trees in one of the indigenous forests. And between July and December each year, the scenic and tranquil areas of the region form a spectacular backdrop for a multitude of blooms, such as the Proteas, Ericas, Vygies, Bluebells, Pin-Cushions, Aloes, Tubers and various other species of Fynbos, as it is a matter of record that the floral kingdom of this area is the most varied in the world.

Wilderness, home to Serendipity is the crown of the Garden Route with its renowned vast stretches of beach, enclosed by mountains, lakes, valleys, nature reserves and the sea, an eco-destination par excellence. The misty- morning hanging over the wetlands entice late rising after an evening of gemütlichkeit, bonhomie and ubuntu or a hard day’s work on the golf course or on the mountain trails