Serendipity Restaurant ~ The food

South African inspired gourmet fare

Exceptional uniquely South African ingredients, methods & flavourings are brought into play for a fusion that creates a unique awareness for and appreciation of an artistically plated dish.


The philosophy of Serendipity Restaurant is founded on the beliefs:

  • That South Africa has a wealth of culinary gems mostly unknown to the world and it is our passion to showcase this in a unique and innovative way at Serendipity.
  • That the kitchen is a language by means of which harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humour, provocation, and culture can be adequately expressed.
  • That quality occurs by intimacy with and love and respect for the product, as well as the knowledge of the technique to elaborate and enhance it.
  • That all the products are gastronomically valuable, irrespective of price and should at all times and under all circumstances be handled with the greatest respect.
  • That local and indigenous red meat and birds are preferred ingredients, products of the vegetal world and the sea are also predominating and great accent is placed on freshness and seasonal produce.
  • That although the characteristics of products are modified (temperature, texture, form, etc.), the objective is to always preserve the purity of their original form; and to save flavour in the processes.
  • That  Serendipity is not just another restaurant but an exceptional experience of South African hospitality and haute cuisine in a relaxed but elegant environment.


We pride ourselves on sauces that are exceptional.

The age old French concept of professionally conceived and slow-cooked sauces to bridge and embrace the aromas and tastes complete the language produced in the kitchen. Lizelle believes that sauces should not cover up or hide inferior produce, but rather serve to enhance the meal.

Serendipity is known for our reduction sauces with our red meat dishes, which are lovingly prepared. This process takes longer than three hours. A variety of Veloutés, Hollandaise, Emulsions, Froths, and various other innovative sauce types are used in conjunction with the South African tastes and flavors to create a mouthwatering synergy on the plate.


We are passionate about food with reverent respect for freshness and quality ingredients. All meats and fish dishes are always freshly prepared to meet the most stringent requirement of the connoisseur. Great accent is placed to ensure that the accompanying vegetables, tubers and mushrooms or berries and indigenous starches not only compliment meat or fish but are providing a total exhilarating dining experience.


One of the main activities of Serendipity is to scan the horizon for the very best quality locally produced meats, venison, game birds, seafoods and herbs. We have a personal relationship with producers and suppliers to ensure that produce meet the Serendipity standard of excellence.

In explaining the menu to the guests the maitre d’ takes great pride in intimately and lovingly describing the habitat and status of each of the main ingredients and kitchen skills applied, to create a world class epicurean delight.