The Area ~ Mountain bike routes

Serendipity lies within a region of exceptional beauty.

A land of imposing mountain ranges, shimmering lakes and a rugged coast line alternated by golden beaches. This is the setting of the largest complex of indigenous forest in Southern Africa, a relic of a the tropical forests that once carpeted the eastern parts of the continent from central Africa to the Cape Peninsula.  As the climate became drier the frosts receded, leaving enclaves such as the southern Cape forests in the most sheltered and well-watered areas.

There is probably no better way to experience these forests than on a mountain bike.  

Some of the most exciting cycle routes are situated in the forests and the routes can cater for every need, from family fun to testing the most experienced riders.

  • The Homtini Route is an ideal route for intermediate riders who without advanced technical skills wants the challenge of distance and some physical exertion.  This 19 kilometre route is graded 2 for difficulty and 6 for endurance.
  • Farleigh  Green Route  7,5 kilometres, graded 2 for difficulty and 2 for exertion, is ideal for beginners or families that want a taste of MTB experience.
  • Farleigh Yellow Route is a superb route of 20 kilometres, graded 6 for difficulty and 6 for exertion,  offering some moderate climbs and awesome views for those improving their mileage and technical ability.
  • Farleigh Blue Route, 25 kilometres, graded 7 for difficulty and 7 for exertion  is a challenging route for intermediate riders wanting to test their endurance and abilities and/or training for longer endurance events.

Permits are required to use these routes designed and maintained by the Garden Route National Park.