Special Events

Celebrate your special occasions at Serendipity.

“Life is about moments: Don’t wait for them… create them”

Serendipity was conceived as a restaurant-destination and a unique dining experience. Our loyal local and international guests are already aware that we have great food, a great location, ambience, and great service, but unknown friends need to learn this on their first experience. We go out of our way to welcome all guests and make them feel unique.

Birthday parties

We take special care of birthday guests. Please let us know if you are celebrating a  birthday. We like to present a personalized birthday card. We are discreet and the privacy of our guests is highly regarded. Any special requests, e.g. flowers or a cake, can be arranged prior to the event.

Engagement parties

The traditional path from engagement to marriage is pre-ordained by centuries of custom and tradition. Many couples will celebrate with an engagement party: anything from a small dinner party given by the bride-to-be’s parents, to a larger party for family and friends hosted by both sets of parents.

Wedding Anniversaries

The historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Medieval German Empire, when husbands crowned their wives with silver and gold wreaths, marking 25 and 50 years of marriage respectively. Other anniversaries have evolved during the 20th century. As the years roll by and silver, ruby and gold milestones are reached, wedding anniversaries become public property – something to be celebrated by the extended family and wider circle of friends.

Often these larger parties are organised by the children of the couple – a tribute to the impressive longevity of their parents’ marriage. There is no formula for such occasions. The only inevitability is that the happy couple will be formally toasted. Speeches should be short and celebratory – dwelling on the highlights and happiest moments of the parents’ marriage (no mention of low points whatsoever!), and congratulating them on depth of their commitment to each other.

While long-lived marriages are impressive achievements, they are – as they always have been – primarily the concern of the two people involved, and if they want to celebrate with a quiet dinner for two, then that is their prerogative.

Dinner parties

In most modern usages, the term dinner now refers to the evening meal, which is now often the most significant meal of the day in many cultures. A dinner party is a social gathering at which people eat dinner together, usually at a favourite restaurant or other dining facility.

Fine dining restaurants are full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. Décor of such restaurants features higher-quality materials, with an eye towards the “atmosphere” desired by the restaurateur.  Fine dining restaurants are almost always small businesses and are generally either single-location operations or have just a few locations. Food portions are visually appealing. . Table d’hôte menu is a menu where multi-course meals with only a few choices are charged at a fixed total price.

Retirees and Executive retreats

Sightseeing is the treat of choice but life-stage is also a factor… In their top three special treats to spend money on whilst on vacation, sightseeing emerged top with over half of global travellers placing it in their top three, and one in four ranking it first. Sightseeing topped the list as first choice for millennials whilst families are notable as the group most likely to put accommodation at the top of their list of treats.

Retirees are among the most likely to spend their treat money on accommodation and special meals.

In a one-of-a-kind package, our Executive Retreat assembles activities and experiences to enjoy unhurriedly savouring every moment to create lasting memories.

Executive Retreat has a “Head” and “Heart” approach. The Program creates the time, space and guidance to grasp for yourself how uniquely the Western Cape Garden Route is made and shaped with its wetlands, its coast line and its mountains and natural forests.

Serendipity offers to you an Executive Breakaway to plan your Second Half or just to reminisce the good times of the First Half.

In our time, halftime really marks the end of Life I and the beginning of this whole new second adult season that we’ve identified as Life II or the second half. Halftime used to be the beginning of the end. Now it is the beginning of a whole new beginning: a season that for many has turned out to be the richest and most meaning-filled season of all.

Go on – you deserve it

Honeymoon Options

Serendipity Guest House and Restaurant offer you an unforgettable experience of first class hospitality and the best of luxury accommodation, with complimentary sparkling wine in the room, and exceptional fine dining experience in the heart of the Western Cape Garden Route. You can enjoy romantic breakfasts in our breakfast room with spectacular views over the Touw River Lagoon and the manicured garden. Enjoy all the facilities and services of Serendipity to explore the Garden Route and build memories of a truly unique experience.

Sightseeing is the treat of choice but life-stage is also a factor… In their top three special treats to spend money on whilst on honeymoon, sightseeing emerged top

Corporate Functions

Serendipity caters for a host of business and corporate functions. Please contact us for more information.